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Three tools

Fascia set Climate Neutral

Yoga Block Set

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More than one million happy customers

For fascia training, yoga and self-massage

Anyone who regularly loosens and relaxes their muscles and fascia will appreciate the beneficial fascia tools from BLACKROLL®. The BLOCK SET in the Yoga Edition contains three products that can be used for self-massage: With the BALL 08, trigger points can be easily reached and loosened through spot massage. The DUOBALL 08 is particularly suitable for releasing tension in parallel muscle strands, such as the spine. If you want to exert more pressure on certain muscle strands and penetrate a little deeper into the tissue, you can also use the BLACKROLL® BLOCK. With the help of the block, the application possibilities of the two small fascia tools can be supplemented and expanded. By the way: The BLOCK has an open underside in which you can practically store the BALL 08 and the DUOBALL 08.

BLOCK SET for yoga & preparation for yoga practice

Yoga is the perfect balance to calm down physically and mentally. If you practise the asanas regularly, you won't want to miss the relaxing effect of yoga. The combination of BLACKROLL® and yoga is ideal, as both provide mobility, freedom from pain, relaxation, good posture and well-being in sport and everyday life. The set can be extremely helpful when practising individual yoga exercises. Either to get into the respective pose more easily and to be able to maintain balance or to consciously relax certain areas of the body (back) during a yoga pose.


The set can be an ideal companion not only during a yoga class. The small fascia tools are also popular before yoga practice to prepare the body for the asanas and to make the muscles and fascia more supple. The softer the myofascial tissue is, the easier the yoga poses will succeed. Working with the BLACKROLL® BLOCK SET has a great advantage: By using the BLACKROLL® BALLS 08 and the BLACKROLL® DUOBALLS 08, the blood circulation and the flexibility of muscles and fascia are improved, resulting in a whole new body feeling.

Depending on the sensation of pain and the need, the pressure of the fascia tools can be intensified with the aid of the BLACKROLL® BLOCKS to release tension in the deeper layers of tissue. By combining fascia massage and yoga with the BLACKROLL® BLOCK SET, posture and mobility can improve after only a short time.


Fascia training and yoga are an unbeatable team when it comes to myofascial tension, more flexibility, mobility and freedom from pain. Both practices aim at targeted relaxation and gentle stretching of muscles and fascia. Our tip: To extend fascia training and yoga practice, the BLACKROLL® BLOCK SET can be combined with other BLACKROLL® fascia tools. For example, with the BLACKROLL® STANDARD or MED fascia roller to massage larger muscle groups. 

  • Perfect combination for yoga and fascia massage.
  • Support during yoga exercises.
  • Punctual self-massage & many possible combinations.
  • BLOCK as a multi-purpose tool for use with the small fascia products.
  • Made in Germany.
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90-day return policy 90-day return policy
More than one million happy customers More than one million happy customers