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Resistance band set

Loop Band 2s set Red Bull X-Alps

€19.90 €27.90 incl. VAT

Set of two skin-friendly LOOP BANDS in the strengths moderate & strong

Red Bull X-Alps is considered the toughest paragliding competition in the world. Participants from all over the world come to Austria every year to put their bodies and minds to the test. Starting in Salzburg, they set off across the Alps on foot and paraglider only, tackling more than 1000 km of treacherous alpine terrain. The race, which finishes in Zell am See, demands maximum physical strength. It requires absolute fitness and holistic recovery. 

But regular training is not only important for the Red Bull athletes, but for all of us. It doesn't matter whether you are a hobby athlete, move unilaterally in everyday life or want to get fitter: With the BLACKROLL® LOOP BAND Set of 2 in the Red Bull X-Alps Edition, you have numerous possibilities. The bands are particularly suitable for training small muscle groups. By strengthening the muscles in a targeted way, you can reduce your risk of injury and improve your body statics.

At the same time, you can use the fitness band to strengthen muscles that are not used at all or only to a limited extent in other sports. The handy fitness band has a length of 32 centimetres and can be used flexibly for many different exercises. The bands are made of a textile material and thus ensure a high level of training comfort without unpleasant pulling on the skin. Suitable for allergy sufferers and washable at 60°C. 


Functional training with the BLACKROLL® LOOP BANDs 

Whether in the gym, in your own living room, in the park or when travelling - the BLACKROLL® LOOP BANDS in the set enable you to do functional training wherever you want to do something for your fitness and specific muscle chains. Thanks to the natural rubber woven into skin-friendly textile fibres, you will not experience any irritating pulling on the skin during training and there will be no reddening of the skin surface. At the same time, you can change the intensity and extent of your training every day. Because of the many possibilities to design the exercises, you will not get bored during training and it is fun to keep fit in a targeted way.

  • Before each workout, check the fitness bands for damage and use only undamaged material. 
  • Start training slowly and use a BLACKROLL® LOOP BAND with low resistance. 
  • You can gradually increase the volume of your exercises and switch to models with higher resistance. 
  • It is important to perform your exercises at a slow and steady pace. Also make sure you breathe consistently. 
  • Exhale during the strenuous part of the exercise with the BLACKROLL® LOOP BANDS. 
  • If pain occurs, you should stop the exercise immediately and seek the advice of a specialist. 
  • Training bands set for X-Alps athletes & fans.
  • 2 fitness bands with moderate (red) and strong (blue) resistance.  
  • Targeted training of small muscle chains, for warming up and for promoting general fitness.  
  • Simple & effective.
  • Skin-friendly textile material without unpleasant pulling on the skin.
  • Washable at 60°C, suitable for allergy sufferers.     
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