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Our team.

BR 2018 11 TEAM HS Product 08395 Sebastian Schöffel
What I would recommend someone applying at BLACKROLL? Passion and motivation beats even the best eduation.
Tamara Winterer mit Produkt srgb
My absolute highlight at BLACKROLL so far was the 10th anniversary party. I'm looking forward to many more parties with our cool team!!!
Staff member05
I like working for BLACKROLL, because working independently and own, fresh ideas are always welcome. It is simply fun to contribute here!
People & Culture
BR 2018 07 TEAM Product 17 Sebastian Schoeffel
At BLACKROLL everything revolves around people, movement and optimising health and happiness. You want to be part of that!
People & Culture
BR 2018 11 TEAM Portrait 08193 Sebastian Schöffel
We at BLACKROLL are a real cool team and I am happy to be there for the employees every day.
People & Culture
BR 2022 06 TEAM Friderike Uricher 01338
We.Stronger.Together. To make our vision a reality, it takes each and every one of us - a strong team behind a strong brand. That is my motivation!
People & Culture
BR 2018 07 TEAM Portrait 61 Sebastian Schoeffel
I like my work at BLACKROLL because we are one big family, there is a good mood and we look out for each other.
People & Culture
BR 2020 07 TEAM Portrait Myriam Brühwiler 108071
I can work independently, learn new things and can develop myself, my professional experience is asked for and lots of trust is placed in me.
Katrin Mayer Produkt srgb
It is a lot of fun to work for a brand that is so well-known and loved and still has so much potential! There's definitely never a boring moment!
Marketing & Communication
MM ASF5096 bea
SUMMIT 2019: The international BLACKROLL familiy coming together in Amsterdam. So much first class knowledge in one room, what a community!
Marketing & Communication
BR 2022 06 TEAM Andy Mauch 01072
On my 1. day I received an invitation to a meeting titled «I like to move it». I just said yes and a few minutes later I found myself dancing behind my standing desk with my new colleagues, that was definitely cool.
Marketing & Communication, Executive Management
Barbara Boqaj 1
I like working with BLACKROLL because: Practice what you preach: Whenever I feel tense, I take a few minutes and knead painful areas - at home and in the office.
Marketing & Communication
Foto Kristina
I no longer spend a night without my PILLOW. Whether traveling or at home, my favorite pillow has become my faithful companion.
Marketing & Communication
ASF6212 Daniel Leidorf portrait srgb
As a sports scientist and ultra runner, I can combine my passion with my profession. A vision, top products, awesome team - A round thing!
Marketing & Communication
ASF6284 Tina Kopf srgb
Not only the products stand for mobility and joy of movement, but the whole crew likes to be in motion, to question existing things and to shape the future together.
Marketing & Communication
BR 2022 06 TEAM Raphaela Sigg 00944
It fulfills me when I can stand behind the vision of my employer and it coincides 1:1 with my values and ideas. That is exactly the case with Blackroll.
Marketing & Communication
ASF6388 Kim Niemann srgb
Working at BLACKROLL is very special, because here I have the opportunity to combine my passion for sports with my work.
Marketing & Communication
Melina Leder Produkt srgb
My absolute highlight with BLACKROLL? That work and regeneration go hand in hand. No desk without BLACKOLL products and no break without exercise!
Marketing & Communication
Lukas Diwersy
I chose Blackroll because here I can combine my great passion for sports with my profession - This is a privilege for me! All previous contacts with Blackroll have convinced me completely and the special team idea inspires me!
Marketing & Communication
BR 2020 07 TEAM Portrait Julia Sessler 106381
3 Words are not enough for my team: competent, structured, fun, critical, crazy and always open for new ideas...working together - celebrating together… 
Customer Care & Logistics
BR 2018 11 TEAM Product 08281 Sebastian Schöffel
My favourite product line up is definitely consisting of the training bands because any full-body, outdoor-, home-, or lunch break workout becomes more effective.
Customer Care & Logistics
BR 2022 06 TEAM Morgan Esch 01413
The RECOVERY PILLOW is my favourite product. Ever since I sleep with this pillow, I feel no tensions in my neck anymore in the morning.
Customer Care & Logistics
BR 2020 07 TEAM Portrait Nina Stuckart 109121
BLACKROLL in 3 words? 1. crazy 2. competent 3. lovable.
Customer Care & Logistics
BR 2020 07 TEAM Portrait Verena Erfurth 104491 2021 07 13 150840 zuos
Working at BLACKROLL is fun because colours play a big role. I love the colours blue & green. Why? That stays a secret for now! 😊
Customer Care & Logistics
BR 2022 06 TEAM Eliana Napoli 01206
I fully identify with BLACKROLL's values and corporate culture: working independently, being enthusiastic, making a valuable contribution every day and, of course, lots of exercise & regeneration!
Customer Care & Logistics
Linda Edle von Dawans mit Produkt srgb
My team in 3 words: A team that strengthens backs, trains laugh muscles and lets ideas roll - all at the same time!
Customer Care & Logistics
Antonia Bernhard mit Produkt srgb
No matter where, my Recovery Pillow is always with me thanks to the practical bag and ensures ultimate relaxation even outside of work!
Customer Care & Logistics
Sarah Schucker mit Handy srgb
At BLACKROLL, I was impressed by the creative energy, the direct customer feedback and the opportunity to develop innovative digital products.
BR 2019 08 TEAM Portrait09956 Sebastian Schöffel
My favorite product is definitely the pillow.... Probably needs no explanation ;-) 
BR 2022 06 TEAM Bernd Strckler 01032
The cohesion and togetherness are a very big and important part of Blackroll!
Judith Utz srgb klein mit Produkt
My favorite product? Definitely the Pillow, because since then I've never had neck pain again and only rarely have headaches.
BR 2020 07 TEAM Portrait Julian Wolf 107111
My favorite products are the two BLANKETS (RECOVERY and ULTRALITE). With PrimaLoft and Celliant we have discovered two materials that can revolutionize the sleeping world!
Product & Sourcing
BR 2022 06 TEAM Annalena Schnuell 01290
Ingenious products! Super suppliers! It's fun to meet new challenges every day and that with a view on the Bodensee and collective sports sessions in between.
Product & Sourcing
Patrick Altenburger 1
I really enjoy working on success in an open and motivated team and contributing my own ideas.
Product & Sourcing
BR 2018 07 TEAM Portrait 65 Sebastian Schoeffel
Here I have the opportunity to combine my passion for sports with my work. To be part of a company with which I fully can identify.
Sales B2B
BR 2020 07 TEAM Portrait Tess Piekartz 10831
I love to see problems as challenges and solve these challenges.
Operations & Procurement
BR 2020 07 TEAM Portrait Lukas Bartmann107661
At BLACKROLL, the human element, sports and fun are never neglected. The lake and the mountains offer the best conditions.
Sales B2B
BR 2019 08 TEAM Portrait10048 Sebastian Schöffel
I chose BLACKROLL because it's not often you get a job that is so customized to your skills.
Sales B2B
BR 2020 07 TEAM Portrait Patrick Stegemann 108391
My absolute favorite product is the TWISTER. Small, handy, and versatile.
Sales B2B
BR 2018 07 TEAM Portrait 62 Sebastian Schoeffel
At BLACKROLL®, the topic of health is not only at the forefront of product development, but is also part of the corporate culture.
Sales B2B
BR 2019 08 TEAM Portrait09998 Sebastian Schoffel
A typical day at BLACKROLL: Different from every working day before ;-)
Sales B2B
ASF6333 Janine Blatto srgb
Behind the brand is a great team with an exceptional team spirit and high esteem.
Sales B2B
Ralf Schweppe Produkt s RGB
My highlights so far: The freedom to work independently and the really, really great team with lots of fresh inspiration.
Sales B2B
BR 2018 11 TEAM Hh S Product 08591 Sebastian Schöffel
My constant companion, besides our Recovery Pillow, is the BLACKROLL Twin. As a passionate runner, I appreciate the range of possible applications.
Sales B2B
BR 2022 06 TEAM Sidas Bchler 01305
Already on the first day I felt the great atmosphere and the passion behind our grand vision. At Blackroll the coherence in the team and the possibility to integrate my skills and values is really important.
Sales B2C
BR 2020 07 TEAM Portrait Lucas Kohlbrenner 107451
My favorite product is definitely the MULTI BAND! So functional, it replaces a complete gym.
Sales B2C
Antonia Kohn Produkt srgb
My highlight at BLACKROLL? That I felt part of the team from day 1 & was able to contribute my opinion and ideas.
Sales B2C
Anna Fee Durr Produkt srgb
Why did I choose BLACKROLL? - because I strongly support the principles and the products and wanted to be part of it.
Sales B2C
BR 2020 07 TEAM Portrait Mirko Mandic 108611
Be authentic and curious. Perfect is boring. It is not about finding the perfect solution, but becoming a little better every day.
Sales B2C
YB ASF4715 bea
I learn something new every day, I can go 'beaching' with my colleagues before work, take a swim during my lunch break and ride my bike home along Lake Constance in the evening.
Sales B2C
BR 2018 07 TEAM HS Product 86 Sebastian Schoeffel
My highlight with BLACKROLL so far was the partnership with the German National Football Team from 2016-2019.
Sales, Executive Management
BR 2020 07 TEAM Portrait Christoph Gfeller 105281
At BLACKROLL there is never a boring moment. The company develops continuously. In addition, the well-being of the employee is a focal point.
Nina Tukatsch Portrait RGB
My team in 3 words: helpful, courteous and reliable. :-)
BR 2022 06 TEAM Jasmin Baumgartner 01360
My highlight was the welcoming on my first day at BLACKROLL. From the infrastructure to the onboarding plan, all was in place – I felt so welcome!
Britt van der Sanden mit Produkt srbg
My favorite BLACKROLL products are the Massage Gun in combination with the Recovery Cream, which is perfect for relaxing after a strenuous workout.
BR 2022 06 TEAM Anna Kolvidson 01186
I experience my highlight at BLACKROLL every day anew: when I walk into the office in the morning and see my motivated, happy and funny colleagues!
BR 2018 07 TEAM HS Product 81 Sebastian Schoeffel
With the Recovery Pillow every bed feels like the one at home. At the same time it is also the first BLACKROLL product that does not hurt or requires effort ;)
CEO und VR
BR 2018 07 TEAM Product 35 Sebastian Schoeffel
The BLACKROLL STANDARD, which I use daily since 2007 became an important ritual for me. In the morning I roll the get more mobile, at night to loosen up tensions.
BR 2020 07 TEAM Portrait Bernd Wahler
Fun team, super functional, simple products and services. On top: Blackroll has a deeper meaning, a real purpose!
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More than one million happy customers More than one million happy customers