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We help you to help yourself.

We have set ourselves the goal of encouraging you and all people to take your health, your well-being and your performance into your own hands every day and to bring it into a harmonious balance. Because we believe that the balance between regeneration and activation is the fuel for a healthy life full of energy and sustainable performance.

Everything in life is a circle.

In order to be successful in sports, you also need breaks. To become stronger, you need to train and recover sufficiently. In order to perform well during the day, you cannot do so without a good night's sleep.

Simple Healthstyle Tools for every life situation.

We offer you simple and intuitive products & services for every life situation and every lifestyle. Experts in sports and health - scientists, doctors, therapists and professional athletes - are convinced of our products & services. Our products are tailor-made to help you live a pain-free, healthy and productive life. You can relax your muscles even between and after sports. For less pain. For a permanently better posture. For effective warm-up and training. Even for better sleep.

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Recommended by experts.

Dr. Robert Schleip fascia expert
Prof. Dr. Schleip - Fascia Expert
Sleep expert Dr. Fabian Krapf
Dr. Krapf - Sleep Expert
Muscles in Action

Fasciae – The often unknown key to improved performance and pain relief.

It all started for us with the then almost unknown connective tissue fibres called fasciae. They not only envelop and stabilise muscles and organs, they are also equipped with many nerve endings, making them the largest sensory organ in the human body. This is why we developed the first BLACKROLL® .

In the meantime a classic, which has been followed by many other products especially for the fasciae. Offering products alone is not enough for us. Because only the correct and regular application makes the success. We offer you a lot of help and inspiration to motivate you to use them correctly in everyday life

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A network of professional help.

Helping other people is a fulfilling mission. Not only for us as a company, but also for the many trainers and therapists who use our products every day. We train them and there are now over 5,000 BLACKROLL® coaches worldwide who are convinced of our solutions. They are there to help and advise you if you feel you need professional help. Especially if you have injuries and/or severe/recurring pain.

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Professional help
Professional help
Our contributionto a better global cycle.

We at BLACKROLL® see ourselves as part of a rapidly changing world and see this as an opportunity.

An opportunity to make better decisions for the future and to inspire each other. For us, true sustainability lives from constant development and the assumption of responsibility in a holistic sense.

We attach great importance to fair and long-term cooperation with our partners and are proud of the fact that we continue to work closely with our production partners from the very beginning. We pay attention to a responsible production in order to create a sustainable harmony between man and ecosystem.

Recycled material

Recycled material

Almost every packaging is made of over 90% recycled material. Of course, we are also working to bring even more recycling into the products themselves.
Free from chemicals

Free from chemicals

All foam fascia products are 100% recyclable and free from chemicals. According to the quality management according to DIN ISO 9001:2015.
High standards

High standards

Our textiles are produced according to the OEKO-TEX®STANDARD 100.
Produced in Germany

Produced in Germany

That is why we have always produced the majority of our products in Germany. Climate Neutral.
Robust and durable

Robust and durable

All fascia products made of foam are very robust and durable, abrasion-resistant, heat-resistant (at a minimum of 110 °C) and easy to clean in the dishwasher.
Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

Due to our production location in the heart of our core markets, we benefit from short delivery routes.

The way and the goal.


We now have over 60 staff and are represented by over 5,000 qualified trainers in 37 countries worldwide. We help people in more than 57 countries improve their recovery and stay fit and healthy.

We’re proud of how our “recovery brand” has grown from a single highly effective product to a wide range of everyday solutions for physical and mental activation and recovery. We are constantly working to improve our products and services for your well-being.
Peter Rohn


We win the ISPO Award for the RECOVERY PILLOW, our memory foam pillow specially designed for a better night’s sleep. The pillow also picks up the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2020. Peter Rohn takes over as CEO with the aim of tackling future challenges. Meanwhile, Marius Keckeisen focuses on strategic issues such as product innovation and globalization as Chair of the Administrative Board. He is joined on the Administrative Board by Bernd Wahler, former Chief Marketing Officer at Adidas, General Manager at Nike Germany and President of VFB Stuttgart. Jürgen Dürr also has a seat on the Administrative Board.

Marius Keckeisen, Jürgen Dürr

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