Trigger tools

Trigger point massage – how to release myofascial trigger points by yourself

Trigger Tool

Treat pain points effectively

TRIGGER SET TWISTER at a special price 

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Incl. handle

Two trigger tools in one set - effective treatment of pain points

Trigger Set

Incl. handle

Advanced triggering - three trigger tools in one set

Trigger Set Twister

Made of wood

Trigger tool made of 100% beech - for treating pain points

TMX® Trigger

Made of wood

Two trigger tools made of 100% beech

TMX® Mixed Set

Made of wood

Precise trigger massage: trigger tool with 2 cm head

TMX® Trigger Plus

Bumpy surface

Precise stimulation for deep-acting fascia massage



What exactly are trigger points and what causes them? Trigger points refer to small, painful areas in the connective tissue. Myofascial trigger points, or adhesions and tension, can arise as a result of long periods spent sitting, challenging workouts or improper stresses on the body. Trigger points are often found in the shoulder, hand, foot or back. You'll notice unpleasant or painful tension in your body. But don't worry, a trigger point massage can help to relieve the pain.

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