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Values & Culture

We are a group of people with shared values and attitudes.

For us at BLACKROLL, our mission stands for the way we work together to achieve great things. It describes and emphasizes how we deal with each other, which attitudes and values we stand for, what kind of employees we are, what we honor and what we do not tolerate - our mission describes the culture, HOW we - together as a team - approach our vision.

Our culture empowers every employee to actively contribute to the success of BLACKROLL.

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Empowering every employee to actively contribute to BLACKROLL's success.

As a general rule, we assume and expect all our employees to act independently and to want to make a positive contribution to our company.

We do not restrict this through strict rules, classic top-down management or the rewarding of values, that do not fit our culture. We live self-responsibility, we are curious, we respectfully appreciate each other's perspectives,tolerate differences and learn from mistakes.

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Our team values

We win and
celebrate as a team.

We communicate
without judgement.

We treat each other
with respect.

Each individual takes

What defines us: I am ...
  • I know what I can do, and I enjoy thinking for myself.
  • I perceive connections and think and act holistically.
  • I don’t make matters unnecessarily complex – keep it simple!
  • I look at things from different perspectives.
  • I deliver a consistently strong performance, pay attention to my regeneration and strive to make my colleagues better.
  • I am good at what I do, and I am constantly evolving.
Our team

A team built around
each other.

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8 things that make us a happy team.



Blackroll offers the option of up to 60% home office. We have 6 weeks holidays per year and in addition 4 weeks of remote office are also available. Sabbaticals? Why not?

Fuel up

We enjoy our vegetarian lunch together. Fresh fruit as well as various healthy snacks and drinks (water, coffee, tea) are always freely available in our kitchen.


Whoever feels like it can join our various sports activities. From basketball, volleyball and floorball to yoga and meditation, everything is included. Our Education Team organises Happy Trainings, where we train with our products and get to know them better.


Our BLACKROLL-Office is characterised by an open, modern room concept. In meeting and silent areas we can work undisturbed.


Our way of working is characterised by transparency, clear responsibilities and independent action.


Our BLACKROLL trainer education, learning lunches, retrospectives, sector-specific trainings, My Drives, as well as topic-related team days in a relaxed atmosphere ensure an internal and external exchange of knowledge.

Before the party is after the party

We enjoy celebrating on as many occasions as possible. BLACKROLL birthday parties, BLACKROLL Christmas parties, BLACKROLL successes, team events, a barbecue together or the Friday beer at 4 o'clock.


We are just a very short walk away from the lake. From our office we have a wonderful view over the lake. Before - after - or while working, swimming, going for a walk, playing beach volleyball, driving SUPs and much more is part of our everyday life.
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90-day return policy 90-day return policy
More than one million happy customers More than one million happy customers