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Fascia ball

Duoball Set

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Combined massage ball for parallel muscle strands

With the DUOBALL SET you can easily and effectively massage parallel muscle strands. Due to the recess between the two fascia balls, the DUOBALL is the perfect massage tool for the thoracic and lumbar spine to massage the adjacent muscle strands. To make the fascia massage as varied as possible and to treat individual muscle strands, the DUOBALL SET contains two duo balls in different sizes: The DUOBALL 08 has two massage balls with a diameter of 8 cm. The DUOBALL 12 balls are 12 cm in size. With the DUOBALL 12, for example, you can treat somewhat larger muscle groups such as the thighs or the back and neck, while the DUOBALL 08 is suitable for treating painful hotspots due to its smaller diameter. The smaller the surface of the DUOBALL, the more intensive the fascia massage. Due to the independent change of pressure on the tissue to be treated and the combination of two DUOBALLS of different sizes, muscular and fascial tensions and adhesions can now be released even better.

  • Double fascia balls with two diameters: Ø 8 cm & Ø 12 cm.
  • For self-massage of parallel muscle strands.
  • Targeted treatment of pain points & tensions.
  • Made in Germany.
  • Recyclable & high quality material.
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