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Gowod Mobility Box

€59.90 incl. VAT

Mobility set consisting of BALL 08, SUPER BAND & STANDARD foam roller

The MOBILITY BOX with tools to improve your mobility in the GOWOD edition incl. 1-month premium membership for the GOWOD app. The box contains a code with which you can redeem the premium membership free of charge for one month. The set contains:  

  • STANDARD foam roller (30cm)
  • BALL 08 (8cm diameter)
  • SUPER BAND fitness band (104cm), strong resistance
  • Code for 1-month premium membership for the GOWOD Mobility App  

The STANDARD foam roller (30cm length) is the BLACKROLL® classic and ideal for people who want to improve their mobility and specifically treat painful muscle stiffness. Ideal for massaging your fascia and loosening the muscles. The foam roller is particularly suitable for self-massage of the back, neck, trunk muscles, thighs or calves. 


The small fascia ball BALL 08 has a diameter of 8 cm. Due to its small size, you can target pain points and massage them punctually. Ideal for feet, buttocks or hardened areas in the legs. 
In addition to the two fascia tools, the MOBILITY BOX also contains the SUPER BAND training band (104cm). It is particularly suitable for targeted training of the central part of the body (core). This leads to improved body stability and coordination. The SUPER BAND has a skin-friendly and robust textile material - for more comfort during training without unpleasant pulling on the skin. Regular training with the BLACKROLL® SUPER BAND promotes an upright posture. The strengthening and stretching movements also ensure better flexibility.  

  • Special Edition Mobility Set
  • Tools to improve mobility
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