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Which resistance band is right for me?

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Resistance bands are the perfect workout equipment to get your body in shape and functional. With their increasing resistance during pulling you are able to activate and train your muscles effectively and safely without the danger of overloading your joints. Resistance bands are also ideal for stretching, warming up and for mobility exercises. Therefore workout bands can be used to improve every fitness component including strength, balance, stability, coordination and flexibility. With simple pull and hold exercises you can train deeper laying muscle groups for basic stability, body statics and a reduced risk of injury. With dynamic resistance training you can improve power, speed and your general ability to move.

All resistance bands at a glance

Loop Band

Length 32 cm
Strength 2,6 - 7,2 kg (at 100% stretch)
Suitable for Functional strength training, activation of targeted muscle groups and body shaping
Training goals Targeting small muscle groups, strengthening and improving functionality in the body

Super Band

Length 104 cm
Strength 3,8 - 10 kg (at 100% stretch)
Suitable for Whole-body strength training, mobility and calisthenics
Training goals Holistic strengthening, build muscle mass and get functionally fit

Multi Band

Length 270 cm
Strength 2,6 kg (at 100% stretch)
Suitable for Whole body strength training, stretching & therapy/rehab
Training goals Strengthening, improving stability, treating or preventing injuries

Stretch Band

Length 100 cm
Strength Optimal resistance for muscle length training
Suitable for Muscle length training of entire fascial chains
Training goals Become holistically more flexible, create fascial balance in the body

Resist Band

Length 190 cm
Strength 9 - 75kg (at 60% stretch)
Suitable for Athletic Training, Sprints & Plyometric Training
Training goals Improve speed and athleticism

Premium quality

  • Fabric material: Our bands are comprised of skin-friendly textile fabric material. During production, natural rubber is woven into textile fibers. That means that during use your skin is never in direct contact with the rubber – which means unpleasant pinching, rubbing and redness are a thing of the past. All bands are machine washable at 60°C and certified OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, class one. Suitable for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin.
  • Made in Germany: All of our bands are manufactured in Germany.
STRETCH BAND rolled up

Train anywhere

  • Training on the go:The light weight resistance bands are easy to use. No matter where you are, if at home, at work during breaks, in the gym or when travelling, the workout bands always make it possible to squeeze in an effective session. Discover a large variety of functional and resistance based exercises without location limitations.
men exercise with LOOP BANDs

Functional training

  • Varied training: With our fitness bands comes an unlimited array of exercise programming opportunities, so you can make sure you keep your training versatile and effective. You can train your entire body with our bands. Effectively strengthen your arms, legs, back, shoulders, torso and glutes or use the bands for rehab and to train your core, abs or to stabilise your upper body. Training with BLACKROLL® fitness bands is also beneficial to target and treat muscle tensions as well as neck or back pain.
Woman exercises with MULTI BAND
HOOK door anker
The ideal complement to our fitness bands
Bands accessories
Easy to use: tracker for fitness bands, incl. MINI FLOW
Also available in a set
A powerful trio
Three LOOP BANDS in light, moderate & difficult levels
Loop Band Set x 3
More is more: All LOOP BANDS in one set
Loop Band Set x 6
Powerful trio
3 times super power: all skin-friendly training bands in one set
Super Band Set
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90-day return policy 90-day return policy
More than one million happy customers More than one million happy customers