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12 cm Ø

Fascia ball Climate Neutral

Ball 12

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Round thing: targeted against pain & hardening

The BLACKROLL® BALL 12 is the perfect complement for the BLACKROLL® foam roller. With its 12 cm diameter, it's just what you need for point-by-point self-massage of different areas of the body. It's larger than the BLACKROLL® BALL 08, so it's less intensive. That means it's particularly good for severely hardened and adhered areas. However, it's still small enough to access hard-to-reach areas of the body, for example on the back.

The BLACKROLL® BALL is available in two different sizes – 8 cm and 12 cm. The two products are perfect when used together. You can massage points with the 8 cm ball and larger areas with the 12 cm ball, so individual muscles or entire areas of the body can be targeted with the perfect intensity.

  • Helps with point-by-point self-massage of all parts of the body.
  • Ideal for addressing individual back muscles and areas.
  • Can be used on the table, on the floor, or against the wall.
  • Ideal for point-by-point self-massage and less intensive than the BLACKROLL® 08 due to its larger support surface.
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There are always multiple factors involved in any pain. The ultimate goal of any success treatment is to find the true causes and to correct them, instead of using pain medication for too long, primarily fighting symptoms. The cause of the pain can often be in completely different places from where it is perceived. It is essential for patients to understand that the entire body is connected together by myofascial chains and meridians along different pathways. To regulate these structures, I particularly like to use the BLACKROLL® MED, the small BLACKROLL® BALL, and the BLACKROLL® DUOBALL in supporting roles, which the patient can then use outstandingly well for exercises at home. "   

Dr. Torsten Pfitzer, pain therapist, chiropractor, and pharmacist   

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90-day return policy 90-day return policy
More than one million happy customers More than one million happy customers