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With vibration
Foam roller with vibration

Booster Head Box

Regenerate & train with vibration, test for 90 days

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Made in Germany
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SLIM foam roller, BOOSTER & massage attachments in a set

The BOOSTER HEAD BOX takes massage and vibration to a new level. The combination of the BOOSTER with the SLIM Roll and the BOOSTER HEAD offers a variety of uses. You will have the right tool, whether you want to enhance the regeneration after exercise, to warm up your muscles or to treat painful spots.

The BOOSTER’S continuously adjustable vibrations from 12-56 Hz increase the effectiveness of the massage, loosen tight muscles and may reduce pain. Additionally, the BOOSTER can be used for vibration training. Combined with the SLIM, the BOOSTER can be used anywhere. It is highly effective and comes in a convenient size. The lean dimensions increase the effectiveness of the roll.

The BOOSTER HEAD makes the vibration massage even more versatile. The different attachments can be positioned on the BOOSTER at different angles. When using the attachments, don’t use the SLIM roll but rather the BOOSTER by itself. This will allow for a variety of uses, especially when treating tight muscles and painful spots. Deep tissue massages, highly targeted spot massages and laminar treatments are possible. The attachments come in different shapes and degrees of hardness, which allows for the desired intensity and mode of action in every situation.

The BOOSTER HEAD BOX provides you with several effective tools: The BOOSTER by itself or with the attachments as well as the BOOSTER combined with the SLIM.

Vibra Motion Technology

  • Deep massage as a result of the patent pending technology.
  • Maximized frequency from 12-56 Hz.
  • Precise, continuous adjustment of the intensity.
  • Developed in Germany.
  • All effective tools in one box – combined with the BOOSTER.
  • The different attachments for the BOOSTER HEAD allow for spot-specific and laminar massages.
  • Ideal for muscle activation, regeneration and for the treatment of painful spots.
  • Perfect combination of massage and vibration.
  • Continuously adjustable Vibra Motion Technology.
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Free shipping over 35€ Free shipping over 35€
90-day return policy 90-day return policy
More than one million happy customers More than one million happy customers