Vibration exercises with the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER

Wondering what exercises you can do with the BOOSTER vibration core? Here we have inspiration for you!

The BLACKROLL® BOOSTER makes it possible for you to combine fascia training with the soothing effect of a vibration massage or to loosen specific points of tension when you combine it with one of the attachments. You can also combine functional training with the BOOSTER and use it as a deep muscle booster. One tool and three different ways to perform vibration exercises!

Booster Lunge

Come into a lunge. Extend your hands. Hold the BOOSTER in front of your body. Hold the position.

Sets / Seconds
3 / 30
Body part
Shoulders, Thigh, Core
Training Goals
BOOSTER exercise routine

Regeneration & stretching after a run

10 Min

BOOSTER exercise routine

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