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Foam roller with vibration


€149.90 incl. VAT

Extra massage boost - fits in any 30 cm foam roller

With the BOOSTER, any BLACKROLL® foam roller with the normal 30 cm length can be converted into an even more effective massage tool. The vibrating core insert supports the effect of the classical roller on multiple levels. The eccentric vibration of the revolutionary VIBRA MOTION technology helps ameliorate pain. The vibration confuses the pain receptors in the tissue, so that a point stress is perceived as significantly less painful.

The muscles are also set into oscillating motion by the vibration, stimulating blood circulation and optimizing recovery. The BLACKROLL® BOOSTER has an extremely broad, precision-controllable spectrum of vibration, and is very easy to operate with two buttons.


Also great as a stand-alone tool   

The BOOSTER can also be used for deeply effective pinpoint massage even without a roller, for example to release shoulder stiffness or frozen shoulder, as well as other painfully hardened tissue. In addition, it can be used as a vibration training tool to strengthen deep lying muscles.

  • Vibrating core for any 30 cm BLACKROLL® foam roller. 
  • Special type of vibration in the form of oscillations with deep effect.
  • Maximized frequency range from 12–56 Hz with continuous control.
  • Developed in Germany. 
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BOOSTER Exercises

More than recovery.

For a regenerating massage you can combine the BOOSTER vibration core with our fascia rollers. The BOOSTER is also a great strengthening tool. And in combination with the BOOSTER HEAD attachments especially suitable for the targeted treatment of pain points. A real all-rounder.

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