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Promote blood circulation
Compression boots

Compression Boots

Less muscle soreness & faster regeneration, also suitable for on the go, 90 day trial

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90 day return policy
More than one million happy customers

Our promise for the COMPRESSION BOOTS


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90-day risk-free trial: You can test COMPRESSION BOOTS for 90 days so that you can get to know all the benefits and see for yourself. Without restrictions. Without risk.


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Premium quality: The quality of our products is our top priority. That's why we developed the product together with a team of experts.


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Free shipping & returns: Your COMPRESSION BOOTS will be delivered to you free of charge in Germany & Austria. If you are not convinced, you can return them free of charge.

COMPRESSION BOOTS. Pressure massage for your legs. At home and on the road.


Your legs deserve a rest after a hard workout or a hard day at work? The BLACKROLL® COMPRESSION BOOTS can help your legs reduce soreness, relax your muscles, reduce fluid build-up and help relieve heavy legs by increasing circulation. The gentle pressure and massaging action created by pneumatic compression can help you take your relaxation to the next level from the comfort of your couch.  


During energy production, metabolic waste products are produced in the body. These must be removed via the blood and our lymphatic system.   


By increasing blood flow, metabolic waste products such as lactate can be flushed from the muscles, speeding up the recovery process. The compression promotes blood flow in your feet & legs and studies show that mobility is improved immediately after use. Thanks to the compact and lightweight design with internal tubing, our COMPRESSION BOOTS are ready to use anywhere. With the convenient storage bag, you can easily take the compression boots with you and enjoy a relaxing compression massage - even on the go.


Recovery boots for a faster recovery. 


The COMPRESSION BOOTS work with intermittent pneumatic compression. This is the scientific term for the pulsating pressure created on the legs with the help of inflatable trouser cuffs. In this process, the air spaces are divided into different chambers that alternately fill with air and deflate again. In the BLACKROLL® COMPRESSION BOOTS, 5 air chambers have been integrated, which overlap and thus enable a gapless 360° compression massage.  


This creates pressure at various points on the legs to promote circulation and lymphatic flow, which can help remove metabolic waste products and speed up the regeneration process. The use of pneumatic compression shoes can help venous return, thereby reducing congestion in the lower extremities. 

  • Optimized recovery after training
  • Improved blood circulation and effective support of the lymph flow
  • Promotion of the removal of metabolic waste products such as lactate
  • Compact design thanks to internal hoses and integrated compressor
  • Storage bag to take along
  • Compression cycles of 60 seconds
  • 3 massage modes with 5 pressure levels (20-120mmHg)
  • Gapless massage thanks to overlapping air chambers
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Find your perfect size!

For the optimal fit of the COMPRESSION BOOTS, we recommend that you measure your inner leg length. Stand upright against a wall and clamp an object (e.g. a book) between your legs. It is best to do the test with tight-fitting clothing so that the object sits exactly in your crotch. Now measure the length from the floor to the top of the object and then select the appropriate size based on your inside leg length.

Inside leg length <81cm: Size S

Inside leg length 81-88cm: size M

Inside leg length >88cm: Size L

Useful information

Application possibilities of COMPRESSION BOOTS

When and how should I use compression boots?

In general, it is best to use the COMPRESSION BOOTS in a lying or sitting position. Your feet should be positioned no lower than your pelvis so that the BOOTS don't have to work against gravity. If it feels good, you can also elevate your legs.

Use after exercise: Use the COMPRESSION BOOTS after a workout to boost recovery in your legs and prevent muscle soreness. Using the compression boots for 30 to 60 minutes at a medium to high intensity can improve circulation, aid in lactate breakdown, and help you recover faster. With this, you can raise the quality of your recovery.

Use before exercise:
using the boots before a workout can increase circulation in your legs and improve mobility. It's also ideal if you've spent most of the day sitting. This will allow you, as an athlete, to be optimally prepared to perform during your workout. Use the BOOTS before a workout for 15 to 30 minutes at low to medium intensity.

Recovery Use:
Even if you don't have a workout, you can use the COMPRESSION BOOTS to help you recover. For example, COMPRESSION BOOTS can be used to help reduce fluid retention, relieve pain or reduce muscle tension. You can also use the compression boots as an additional support for lymphatic drainage. Use the massager for 30 to 60 minutes at medium to high intensity.

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Filling process of the air chambers

No matter which program you choose, the COMPRESSION BOOTS always start with an initial filling of the air chambers. This is important so that the COMPRESSION BOOTS adapt ergonomically to your legs. The initial filling takes about 3 minutes. Then the selected program starts. If it gets too much for you, you can trigger immediate pressure relief at the touch of a button.


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90-day return policy 90-day return policy
More than one million happy customers More than one million happy customers