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Door anchor


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Door anchor for fitness bands incl. MINI FLOW

You like to train with fitness bands? Then the HOOK door anchor is the perfect accessory for you. You can attach it to almost any door with the fitness bands. The HOOK was developed for use with the SUPER BAND, MULTI BAND and RESIST BAND as a resistance band door anchor. You don't own our fitness bands yet? The HOOK can also be used as a door anchor for any fitness bands.  

The HOOK door anchor is small, light and easy to use. Perfect for your workout at home or when travelling. For a varied and extensive workout at the door, all you need is an exercise band, the HOOK door anchor and a door.   

Tips for using the door anchor & fitness band  

Depending on the exercise, you can attach the HOOK door anchor at different heights. The HOOK is held between the door and the frame, then you close the door. The integrated MINI FLOW foam roller acts as a stopper. It is on one side of the door and the hook for attaching the training band is on the other side. The HOOK can be used with most door types. 
Always make sure to hook the fitness bands with the door anchor in the direction in which you close the door.


MINI FLOW - 2 functions of the foam roller    

The MINI FLOW fascia roller has the function of a stopper for the door anchor fitness. Of course, you can also use it for the classic fascia massage. Before training, for example, you can roll out your muscles at a higher speed to activate them. But be sure to treat yourself to a soothing fascia massage after your workout for recovery. Due to its size (15 cm), the MINI FLOW is ideal for self-massage on the soles of the feet and arms.   

  • Ideal addition to our fitness bands
  • Extends the variety of exercises
  • Easy handling - small and compact
  • Can be fixed to the side, top or bottom of the door like a sling trainer
  • Suitable for most door types
  • Robust material
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