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Med Gowod Edition

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For roll beginners & all who like it softer 

The softer material of the MED (20 percent softer than the STANDARD foam roller) offers a great advantage for beginners, but also for people who are extremely sensitive to pain. Due to its lesser hardness, the fascia massage with the MED foam roller is much more comfortable than with the STANDARD.

In contrast to the STANDARD, the soft, environmentally friendly material of the MED exerts a distinctly gentle pressure on the tissue. The massage is therefore less intense, the muscles are massaged particularly gently. For this reason, the MED is also particularly suitable for gentle use in the therapeutic field.

Self-massage with the MED foam roller

Because the MED is much softer than the STANDARD foam roller, self-massage is also easier. Fascia adhesions can be released with the BLACKROLL® MED just as gently as tensions, in order to improve the mobility and performance of your muscles. If you perform self-massage on a regular basis, you can regulate incorrect strains and prevent postural damage. Through the targeted use of the roller, you stimulate the regeneration of your muscles, so that tensions and fascial adhesions can not arise in the first place.


Fascia training with high effectiveness

As with all fascia rollers from BLACKROLL® you can also vary the intensity of the treatment with the BLACKROLL® MED: Play with your body weight to make the massage a little stronger or less intense. Exercising with the BLACKROLL® MED is not only incredibly easy and effective - it's also fun. The training takes only a few minutes daily, so you can use the massage roller in between. A correct execution of the exercises should always be in the foreground, so as not to injure the muscles. The positive effect of the self-massage is already noticeable after a few applications. Through the fascia massage, the blood circulation of the tissue is stimulated, so that your muscles are significantly more relaxed. Incorrect stresses are compensated. In addition, you can improve the mobility of your muscles. To make the training as varied as possible, you can use the BLACKROLL® MED on the floor and on the wall as well as on the table to massage your muscles with gentle movements. Please note: Because the BLACKROLL® MED is softer than the BLACKROLL® STANDARD, you should not perform standing balance exercises on the roller. In addition, we recommend the BLACKROLL® MED only up to 75kg body weight. By the way, the BLACKROLL® MED is also available as the MED 45. This roller is slightly longer than the BLACKROLL® MED, which is why it also offers a larger contact and massage area. Due to the size, the MED 45 is one of the best massage tools to massage the entire back.

If you want to use the BLACKROLL® MED fascia roller not only for fascia massage but also as a functional training tool, you should go for our BLACKROLL® STANDARD roller. This is harder than the BLACKROLL® MED and therefore more suitable for training. With the BLACKROLL® STANDARD you can actively train your muscles and fasciae to prevent pain and restricted movement.

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