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Pillow Case Climate

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Pillowcase with thermoregulating features

The PILLOW CASE CLIMATE pillowcase is the perfect match for your RECOVERY PILLOW. The pillowcase is coated on the top with phase-change materials from Outlast® and thus effects an optimal moisture and thermoregulating effect - for a pleasant sleeping experience. It also protects your pillow from dirt, dust and sweat and adapts perfectly to your contours.

Humans lower their body temperature during sleep. The heat regulating pillowcase PILLOW CASE CLIMATE absorbs the excess heat released during the sleep phase, stores it and releases it again during the night when the body needs it - for an optimal moisture and thermoregulating effect. Likewise, the process works in reverse, so Outlast® technology always ensures that you are never too hot or too cold while sleeping on the CLIMATE pillowcase. The PILLOW CASE CLIMATE pillowcase offers the perfect balance, especially for those who have to deal with temperature fluctuations at night, or who sweat or freeze frequently. 

At a glance

  • Heat regulating material: Outlast® technology involves paraffin-like materials enclosed in many small microcapsules (Thermocules™). These materials change their state of aggregation depending on the ambient temperature. If the capsules come into contact with heat, they change their state from solid to liquid and absorb energy in the form of heat. If the ambient temperature subsequently cools down, they change their state to solid and release the stored heat again. This creates a cooling or warming effect, depending on your individual needs. 
  • Perfect fit: The pillowcase is tailor-made for the RECOVERY PILLOW. The better the fit of a pillowcase, the better you can sleep on it. Unnecessary wrinkling, often caused by a pillowcase that is far too large, can not only be annoying but also quite uncomfortable. 
  • Care: The pillowcase can be washed in the washing machine at 40°C with a standard detergent. Even after repeated washing, the BLACKROLL® PILLOW CASE CLIMATE will not lose its shape or its heat regulating function. To ensure that the pillowcase can be changed in no time at all, it is equipped with a robust zip. 

If you are looking for a heat regulating pillowcase for the RECOVERY PILLOW, the BLACKROLL® PILLOW CASE CLIMATE is a good choice. The pillowcase with phase-change materials is characterised by an optimal moisture and thermoregulating effect. The Outlast® technology with phase-change materials allows the pillowcase to store warmth and return it to you when you need it. The zip makes it easy to replace the cover. Your pillow is protected from dirt and the perfect basis for restful sleep is created.

  • Heat regulating pillow case for the BLACKROLL®RECOVERY PILLOW. 
  • Optimal moisture and thermoregulating effect: pillow case absorbs heat, stores it and releases it when needed.
  • Comfortable and skin-friendly pillowcase with Outlast® technology.
  • Washable at 40°C - for a pleasant sleep. 
  • With zip for easy changing.
  • Made in Germany.
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Pillow Case Climate

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90-day return policy 90-day return policy
More than one million happy customers More than one million happy customers