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Pillow Case Original

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Breathable interchangeable pillow case with ultra fine ventilation holes

The cuddly BLACKROLL® PILLOW CASE ORIGINAL pillowcase with finest ventilation holes, which is already included with your RECOVERY PILLOW, can now also be ordered separately for replacement. It is tailor-made so that it can merge with the contours of the pillow and does not form any annoying folds. The cover protects your pillow from dirt, dust and sweat and is breathable.

We lose up to half a litre of fluid at night - about half of it through the head. The materials used in the BLACKROLL® RECOVERY PILLOW are already designed to regulate moisture, as is the breathable PILLOW CASE ORIGINAL pillowcase. It protects your pillow from dust and dirt deposits on the surface or in the fine pores of the pillow.

At a glance

  • Exact fit: The pillow case is custom-made for the RECOVERY PILLOW. The better the fit of a pillowcase, the better you can sleep on it. Unnecessary wrinkling, often caused by a pillowcase that is far too large, can not only be annoying, but also quite uncomfortable
  • Material: The BLACKROLL® PILLOW CASE ORIGINAL is particularly comfortable, thanks to cuddly soft material. Finest holes in the fabric ensure that the core of the pillow is optimally ventilated. The breathable, soft and quick-drying material is wonderfully soft and dimensionally stable even after multiple use and frequent washing.
  • Care: The pillowcase can be washed with a standard detergent at up to 40 ° C in the washing machine. Even after repeated washing, the BLACKROLL® PILLOW CASE ORIGINAL loses neither the shape nor its fluffy structure. So that the pillowcase can be changed in no time at all, it is equipped with a robust zipper.

For those looking for a snug-fitting changeable pillowcase for the RECOVERY PILLOW, the BLACKROLL® PILLOW CASE ORIGINAL is a great choice. The pillowcase is characterized by a very soft material. Thanks to the zipper, the cover can be quickly exchanged for another one. In this way, the pillow is protected from contamination and the perfect basis for restful sleep is created.

  • Original pillowcase for the BLACKROLL®RECOVERY PILLOW to replace.
  • With zipper for easy change.
  • Washable at 40°C - quick drying.
  • Cozy, breathable pillow case with the finest ventilation holes.
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