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Groove Borussia Dortmund

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Intense massage effect for BVB fans

The BLACKROLL® GROOVE Limited Edition Borussia Dortmund foam roller is the perfect complement to the BLACKROLL®. It is ideal for releasing particularly painful muscle tension and fascia adhesions through self-massage. It can even treat trigger points in the upper and lower back, thighs and calves. 

Difference from BLACKROLL ® STANDARD: The structured surface of the BLACKROLL® GROOVE creates a noticeable and activating vibration effect when used quickly. This increases tissue strength and improves blood circulation, which is particularly beneficial during the warm-up phase before training. The risk of injury is reduced. In addition, the grooves address not only the connective tissue structures, but also the superficial and deep muscles. 

The BVB team also uses the BLACKROLL® GROOVE for their fascia training to increase muscle performance and for active regeneration after the game.  


The benefits at a glance

  • Suitable for functional training and regeneration 
  • For a stronger massage effect in case of particularly painful tensions 
  • Favors particularly the activation and warming of muscles  
  • To strengthen the musculature 
  • For more stability  
  • For active regeneration (e.g. after the game) 
  • BLACKROLL® foam roller in the limited Borussia Dortmund Edition.
  • Average hardness and grooved surface.
  • Exclusive color design.
  • Made in Germany.
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