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Foam roller

Mini Flow

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Saw blade surface: activating massage for feet & arms

The MINI FLOW is the further development of a tried and true recovery tool for self-massage, the MINI. It was developed to release adhesions and tension while simultaneously stimulating blood circulation.

The surface of the MINI FLOW, structured in two directions, combines smooth rolling with the active stimulation of a hard edge depending on the rolling direction. That means it not only can be used for recovery, it's also perfect for the targeted activation of individual muscles and areas of the body.


Its handy size makes it ideal for smaller parts of the body, such as the arms, lower thighs, and the soles of the feet. Due to its versatile functionality and compact dimensions, the MINI FLOW is extremely practical on the road.

  • Gentle rolling and active stimulation at once.
  • Targeted massage, for example of the soles of the feet, hands, arms.
  • Use on the table, on the floor, or against the wall.
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The possible applications of BLACKROLL® offer a whole range of advantages. The option of individually varying the pressure by appropriate relaxation techniques permits a broad therapeutic spectrum. Extensive tests in patients have shown outstanding results.   

Dr. Robert Schleip, Director, Fascia Research Project, University of Ulm  

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MINI FLOW Exercises

Great exercises with the little one.

Our MINI FLOW is small with a length of 15cm, but the variety of exercises is large. By the way, you can do all exercises with the smooth MINI foam roller as well as the structured MINI FLOW.

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