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The classic for BVB fans

The BLACKROLL® STANDARD Fascia Roller in the limited Borussia Dortmund Editioniseasyto handle and can be used anytimeand anywhere. It is idealfor self-massage, regeneration, strength and stability exercises and improvemobility, endurance and coordination. Fascia and musculature are activated, elasticity and resilience supportedand alsodeeper lying muscle parts can be strengthened.

With fascia trainingbefore and after sportsyou can also muscle pain, Tensions and fasciaprevent. This also know the professionals from BVB, the BLACKROLL STANDARD Fascia Roller with targeted exercises integrate into their training and after the game also use for active regeneration. This not only promotes the continuous increase in performance, it can also reduce risks for injuries and reduce associated team failures.

  • For a gtargeted and effective fascia training
  • For tissue and muscle activation
  • Torimprovestrength, stability and mobility
  • Effectively relieves tension and pain points
  • Preventing injury
  • For active regeneration (e.g. after the game)
  • The BLACKROLL® classic in thelimited edition Borussia Dortmundedition
  • Exclusive color design
  • Average hardness and smooth surface
  • Proven massage effect
  • High quality. Made in Germany
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Exercises for soccer players

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