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Incl. 230 cm belt


Yoga Set BLACKROLL® Mat, Belt & Bag

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Yoga Set including the BLACKROLL® MAT, BELT & BAG

Perfect for your next yoga class: All products safely stored in a bag! In addition to the practical YOGA BAG, the YOGA SET includes two other BLACKROLL® products: First, the Yoga MAT – a soft mat whose cushioning promises an extremely joint-gentle and pleasant workout. Due to its structured, non-slip surface, it also offers optimum grip and thus more grip and stability. The second tool is the BLACKROLL® BELT – an adjustable belt that helps you support and perfect your yoga poses. 


With the BLACKROLL® MAT you can start your yoga practice in the comfort of your own home. 65 x 185 centimeters in size, it offers ample space for basic or demanding yoga poses. The material of the YOGA MAT is pleasantly soft, so the mat offers maximum comfort and a particularly joint-friendly basic support even during difficult exercises. Despite its soft structure, the mat always remains on the floor without rolling up sideways. The underside of the BLACKROLL® MAT is structured to allow the mat to be used on any surface and to reduce the risk of injury. 


The second training tool in the BLACKROLL® YOGA SET is the BLACKROLL® BELT – a 230 centimeter belt that can perfectly complement your yoga practice. Thanks to the D-shaped, sturdy metal rings, the BLACKROLL® BELT can be adapted to the respective body size to provide users with an effective training tool.


Especially if some yoga poses are still difficult for you, the BLACKROLL® BELT can be a valuable support to get into the poses a little more easily. The belt will let you achieve a much softer stretch, so you can increase your mobility and the flexibility of your muscles step by step and perform the yoga poses even without the BLACKROLL® BELT. 

The BLACKROLL® BELT can also be extremely helpful in difficult yoga poses, both to perfect them and to increase the relaxing effect of the exercises on the muscles. You can also use the belt to stretch muscles and fascia. The more supple your muscles, the more flexible and flexible you will be in everyday life. 

Basis for other BLACKROLL® fascia tools 

If the muscles are very tense, yoga poses can be difficult. The large and small fascia tools from BLACKROLL® can be helpful here to make muscles and fascia more supple and relieve tension. The BLACKROLL® STANDARD and MED foam rollers are ideal for the treatment of myofascial problems. They are used either as preparation for the yoga practice or as an accompanying training tool to stretch the muscles or to support certain movements and poses.
In contrast, the BLACKROLL® MINI foam roller and the BLACKROLL® BALL 08 are suitable for selective self-massage in order to treat individual muscle strands better. Both fascia tools, available either individually or in the BLACKROLL® BLOCK SET, can perfectly complement the BLACKROLL® YOGA SET. 

Bottom Line

To perform yoga poses precisely and without injury, you need a non-slip base that can withstand any strain, even after frequent use. The BLACKROLL® MAT – part of the BLACKROLL® YOGA SETS – offers lots of advantages in this respect: It is particularly soft and extremely slip-resistant due to its structured underside. The YOGA SET also includes the BLACKROLL® BELT to achieve more mobility and flexibility in the yoga poses. Both training tools can be conveniently stowed away in the included bags and taken anywhere

  • Two yoga tools with spacious bag in one set.
  • BLACKROLL® MAT: Non-slip, soft surface for comfortable training.
  • BLACKROLL® BELT: For particularly gentle stretching & optimization of yoga poses.
  • BLACKROLL® BAG: Practical size for on the go, offers space for all yoga utensils.
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90-day return policy 90-day return policy
More than one million happy customers More than one million happy customers