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blackroll trigger tmx plus faszien trigger-tool
Made of wood

Trigger tool

TMX® Trigger Plus

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Made in Germany
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Spot-on trigger massage: Trigger tool with 2 cm head

Long periods of sitting, strenuous training or bad posture can cause trigger points to develop and thicken. This leads to unpleasant or painful tension in the body. With the BLACKROLL® TMX® TRIGGER PLUS you can trigger these pain areas on the body in a targeted manner and thus promote faster regeneration of the tissue. The 2 cm head acts like a physiotherapist's thumb: Muscular tensions are counteracted by localised, long-lasting and deep acupressure.

The BLACKROLL® TMX® TRIGGER PLUS with 2 cm head is suitable for the treatment of muscular tension and for the treatment of acutely painful areas. It is particularly suitable for narrow muscle groups and the upper extremities (e.g. shoulder/neck area, lumbar spine, elbows, forearms/upper arms). 

Sustainable, handy and resilient

The BLACKROLL® TMX® trigger tools are made from certified beech wood. This makes them extremely resilient. The products are sustainably produced in Germany in a support organisation. The black paint with Aqua Colorlack is free of chemicals and pollutants.



With the cooperation between BLACKROLL® and TMX®, we are pursuing a common goal: to release the origins of all myofascial adhesions. It almost sounds too good to be true. But when two ambitious and successful experts in the fields of pain therapy, health and sports join forces, the result is not just a pure product cooperation. The result is a partnership that is about science, innovative solutions - and the next level of myofascial self-treatment. And so it was with BLACKROLL® and TMX®. 

In the further development of our products, at BLACKROLL® we have always worked only with the most important experts in medicine, sports and therapy. The results of the world's leading fascia researchers are permanently incorporated. Ever since our founding, we have seen ourselves as part of a rapidly changing world, and we embrace this as a real opportunity. An opportunity to make better decisions for the future and to inspire each other.  

With TMX® we have found the perfect partner. The young sports medicine company based in Cologne, Germany, has set itself the goal of using a holistic knowledge of the functioning of the musculoskeletal system to help as many people as possible in the long term to be able to treat acute and chronic pain through accompanying self-treatment. And to do so at any time, from anywhere. TMX® is based on traditional medical, therapeutic and holistic approaches, coupled with many years of experience.

The special thing here is that BLACKROLL® TMX® tools not only treat trigger points in a targeted and effective manner, but they also loosen the deep-lying myofascial adhesions in the septum area that were previously difficult to reach and can also apply the physical therapist's thumb precisely. It is therefore not surprising that the wooden "BLACKROLL® by TMX®" triggers have also been certified as medical products because they precisely reflect the mode of action of acupressure. 

  • For the prevention of muscle tension and to treat acutely painful areas
  • For loosening myofascial adhesions
  • With a 2 cm head
  • Sustainable: 100% beech wood
  • Made in Germany
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Our experts

Triggering is the most effective method from Manual Therapy that we use. The input of the BLACKROLL® TMX® TRIGGER opens new doors in the self-treatment of myofascial symptoms. It is good to know that the mobile "physiotherapeutic thumb" is always with you.

Thomas Marx TMX®

Founder and inventor physiotherapist, osteopath, alternative practitioner, children's osteopath in his own practice in Cologne.

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More than one million happy customers More than one million happy customers