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Recovery Pillow - Pillowcase Set - light grey

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This set contains two of BLACKROLL®'s most popular products: The RECOVERY PILLOW - a small, handy pillow with an ergonomic fit that allows four different sleeping positions to ensure a relaxed sleep routine. Matching this is the PILLOW CASE JERSEY - a snug-fitting pillow in grey that fits extremely snugly and remains virtually wrinkle-free during sleep.

What are the advantages of the set?  


The combination of BLACKROLL® RECOVERY PILLOW and PILLOW CASE JERSEY is perfect to make your night's rest even more comfortable. The ergonomic shape of the 50 x 30 cm pillow adapts to any sleeping position. The elastic and dimensionally stable material of the pillow supports the head and fits snugly to the neck and nape to prevent tension in the area of the neck and shoulders.

If necessary, the pillow can be rolled up to save space so that you can also sleep relaxed on holiday. In combination, the pillow and pillowcase form a seamless unit. The BLACKROLL® PILLOW CASE JERSEY is an incredibly soft, breathable, elastic and equally dimensionally stable pillowcase made of cotton, which protects the pillow from contamination, fits particularly snugly, does not wrinkle and is suitable for allergy sufferers. Whether side, stomach or back sleeper: a pillow for all sleep types Sleeping and the position in which we sleep is very individual - and often cannot be influenced at all. Nevertheless, our recommendation is: sleep on your back, because: The supine position is the best sleeping position to relieve the shoulders and spine and prevent permanent shortening of the muscles (e.g. hip flexors).

You can use the RECOVERY PILLOW in 4 different ways. We explain the different positions:

Position 1

Low head height and low neck support. Especially recommended for people who suffer from frequent headaches or migraines. Also the position best suited for stomach sleepers. 

Position 2

For those who, for example, sleep on a harder mattress or want the pillow to support the neck more, the pillow can be rotated 180° around the vertical axis. Suitable for back sleepers.

Position 3

Medium to high head position and medium neck support. Suitable for side sleepers with narrow shoulders or for people who sleep on a soft mattress or topper with pressure relief zone for the shoulders. 

Position 4

High head height and high neck support. Suitable for side sleepers with broad shoulders or people who sleep on a rather hard mattress. Try it out and find your pillow side!

  • Ergonomically shaped & dimensionally stable cushion.
  • Skin-friendly pillowcase made of cotton.
  • Made in Germany according to OEKO-TEX®STANDARD 100.
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