Exercise Bands

Our workout bands for training, strengthening, mobility and stretching. Bring diversity to your workout.

6 exercise bands

Ready, set, go!

Add variety to your workout with our set of bands.

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With loops

Fitness band for muscle length training & active mobility

Stretch Band

Powerful trio

3 times super power: all skin-friendly training bands in one set

Super Band Set

€49.90 €59.90
Three resistance levels

Training band for core & stength training

Super Band

In six resistance levels

Small & skin-friendly fitness band for many exercises

Loop Band

A powerful trio

Three LOOP BANDS in light, moderate & difficult levels

Loop Band Set 3s

€29.90 €39.90

More is more: All LOOP BANDS in one set

Loop Band Set 6er

€49.90 €69.90
With loops

Versatile training: full flexibility from just one band

Multi Band

Incl. wristband

Resistance band for acceleration, sprint & running training

Resist Band

Bands accessories

Easy to use: tracker for fitness bands, incl. MINI FLOW



Two skin-friendly LOOP BANDS in moderate & difficult levels

Loop Band 2s set Red Bull X-Alps


We believe that fitness bands are an absolute must-have for anyone who loves exercise.

Our wide range of fitness and workout bands allow a varied, full-body workout from power and stabilisation training to stretching and mobility. The fitness bands strengthen small and large muscle chains and improve flexibility. This reduces your risk of injury and improves your body statics.

Whether in the gym, at home or outside, workout bands give you a practical workout wherever you need it. They can easily be stored away thanks to their size, letting you carry on with your training while on the move.  

By the way, did you know that our workout bands are made from skin-friendly materials? Natural rubber is incorporated into the polyester material during production. Greater comfort for you while training.

We believe that fitness bands are an absolute must-have for anyone who loves exercise. But which one’s best for you?

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