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Fascia set

Office Box

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For office & home office: ideal against neck & back tension

The OFFICE BOX contains the most important BLACKROLL® Products, which are outstanding for everyday use at the office and help boost performance in your working life and increase well-being without a great deal of effort. No matter what your profession, do something good for yourself and avoid common pain such as mouse arm, back pain, or neck tension, easily and right in the workplace.

The OFFICE BOX contains not only the STANDARD foam roller, but also a DUOBALL 08 and a MINI, along with a practical GYMBAG for easy transport of the products.


With these instructions, both practiced athletes and total amateurs can make their office day more active, preventing typical injuries and doing good for their health. The exercises are selected to avoid sweat. They require little space and no special sports clothing. They should be done slowly and in a controlled manner. This slows the breathing and calms the pulse so your entire body can relax.

  • All products outstanding for everyday use at the office.
  • They help you stay active and healthy.
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Our experts

I am just so excited by the many possible applications of BLACKROLL®. The option of individually varying the pressure by appropriate relaxation techniques permits a broad therapeutic spectrum. Extensive tests in patients have shown outstanding results.   

Dr. Robert Schleip, Director, Fascia Research Project, University of Ulm  

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OFFICE BOX Exercises

Exercises for the workplace

We'll show you how to stay fit with simple exercises in the office and home office.

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