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Office Box

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More mobility and less pain in the office and home office 

Sitting for long periods in the office is not good for us. And in the long run, it can limit our mobility, lead to bad posture and pain. That's why it's important to include regular movement breaks in your daily office routine and to work on a healthy posture. We support you with our set of 3 BLACKROLL® products. The products in the OFFICE BOX are put together in such a way that you can actively balance out your office work and do something for your posture while you work. The OFFICE BOX contains:   

  • POSTURE PRO in 2 sizes available: The posture trainer supports better posture and reminds you to consciously align your shoulders optimally. It does not force you into a posture, but reminds you of an upright posture with a gentle pull as soon as your shoulders fall forward. By wearing the posture belt, you strengthen the muscles in your upper back. Wear the posture trainer discreetly under your clothes and integrate it into your daily office routine during sitting or standing activities. The material is light and the padded straps are comfortable to wear. The posture trainer is available in 2 sizes (S/M/L and XL/XXL). The height-adjustable back element allows you to adjust it individually for a perfect fit. Correctly adjusted, the POSTURE PRO allows full freedom of movement and only reminds you to actively adopt an upright posture by gently pulling on it. Despite the posture belt, the muscles have to work independently to straighten the body, which is a gentle workout.  
  • STRETCH BAND: The training band for active movement breaks and muscle length training. Ideal for improving mobility and preventing back and neck pain typical of office work. The loops in the band allow you to adapt the training to your needs and progress. Skin-friendly and robust textile material. Suitable for allergy sufferers. The material consists of recycled polyester (65%) and natural rubber (35%). Due to the special weaving technique, there is no skin contact with the rubber during training. Made in Germany. OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified. Washable up to 60°C.   
  • TRIGGER S: Tension can run very deep. With the trigger tool you can release deep-lying tensions and fascial adhesions in a very targeted and precise way. Easy to use on the wall or on the floor. For hand application, you can combine the trigger with the handle provided. The handle fits comfortably in the hand and relieves the fingers during use.  

Sport in the office? That's not possible at all? 

The exercises you can do with the band and the trigger tool are not sweaty. They require little space and no special sportswear. You can do the exercises slowly and in a controlled way, slowing down your breathing to relax in between. You can even wear the posture trainer discreetly under your clothes and train your healthy posture while you work.     

  • Prevention of typical aches and pains in everyday office life - such as mouse arm, back pain or neck tension.
  • Comfortable and discreet posture belt for an upright posture. Unisex. Choice of 2 sizes
  • Skin-friendly STRETCH BAND (100 cm) for more mobility and less tension through muscle length training.
  • Trigger incl. handy handle for deep-acting treatment of pain points.
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Fit in the office

You can't do exercises in the office to stay fit? We will convince you otherwise.

Here you'll find numerous exercises that you can do with our products or without them at all.

For active movement breaks in the office - and in the home office.

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Free shipping over 35€ Free shipping over 35€
90-day return policy 90-day return policy
More than one million happy customers More than one million happy customers