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Recover faster & increase running performance

Here's how to increase your running performance and stay healthy and fit for the long term: The RUNNING BOX includes the best tools for fascia training and functional training. You'll run faster and longer, and stay injury-free. Despite the many positive effects of running regularly, improper technique and training mistakes can lead to injury and overuse injuries.

You can optimize your training with the RUNNING BOX. You can incorporate strength training exercises to prevent injury and run better. After training, you can use the BLACKROLL® products in the RUNNING BOX to accelerate recovery. 

Your tools always with you


The LOOP BAND, a textile band, is perfect for functional training and strengthens the muscle chains of the entire body. The MINI FLOW, thanks to its textured surface, is outstanding for warming up and activation, and stimulates blood circulation. The SLIM is perfect for myofascial self-massage of the legs and back. This is how training recovery succeeds.

All the tools are lightweight and compact. Thanks to the practical RUNNING BAG, you can always take them along.

  • Set with recovery and strengthening tools, especially for runners.
  • SLIM foam roller for intense self-massage & recovery of muscles.
  • LOOP BAND training band for functional training & strengthening of muscle chains.
  • Handy MINI FLOW foam roller to support blood circulation & loosen tension.
  • RUNNING BAG so all your BLACKROLL® products are always together.
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